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Wireless Charging Spot

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  • KWC-1-Wireless Charging Spot

    Krótki opis

    • Built−in table mounted charging spot

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    KWC−1 (Kramer Wireless Charging) is a built−in table mounted charging spot that enables you to charge your mobile device by simply placing it on the charging spot.
    If your mobile device does not feature wireless charging, you can connect it to one of the receivers included in the package and then place it on the charging spot. Note that additional receivers can be purchased separately.
    Model Opis

    KWC-1(B) Wireless Charging Spot; Enclosure - Black Sand Blasted Anodized Aluminum Top
    KWC-1(BC) Wireless Charging Spot; Enclosure - Silver Sand Blasted Anodized Aluminum Top

  • Ideal for boardrooms, conference and training rooms or any place where wireless charging is required